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At Xploits Consulting Limited, we believe that quality solutions in our core competence areas can enhance the growth of business units. In addition, sustainable environmental management improves the quality of lives and creates sustainable development. In a variety of industries and specialized fields, we offer top-notch environmental consulting services. We are able to provide our clients with the best standard of service due to our technical expertise, creative solutions, and ethical ideals. A dependable multidisciplinary network of specialists esteemed for their morals, knowledge, and experience in their various specialties makes up our main strength.

Consultancy & Advisory Services

Consultancy is one of the key areas of focus. The Company relies heavily on a network of Human Capital though it has a core group of experienced staff. The consultancy function offers specialist advisory services on all aspects of project management in your business. Some of the services we offer include Project Management, Risk Assessment, GIS and Remote Sensing, Environmental Management, Geotechnical Investigations and ICT Services. 

Management Strategies

Xploits Consulting Ltd provides the people, the tools and the processes to help you sustain your business through your business development infrastructure. We invest in the relationship with our customers to understand their business needs and key drivers. Our solutions architects work with both our customers and our service delivery team to ensure that business strategies are aligned with delivery requirements.

Human Capital Management and Development

We offer a range Human Capital Services such as Job Descriptions, Company Structuring and Payment Structure. In the area of Training Needs Analysis, we focus on specific skills and knowledge gaps that are impacting directly on staff productivity. This ensures that training programmes are structured towards the needs of the organizations. We can assist you or your organization to save time and money and increase productivity with smart, simple, specific solutions. Options include ICT training sessions, individual productivity coaching (one-on-one or virtual), Keynote presentations or Break Out sessions on computer productivity. (I.e. Email, Word or Excel).

Project Management

We offer a range of project management services from Tendering Evaluations, Bid Evaluations and full scope project management from conception to execution.

Risk and Disaster Management Advisory Services

Today’s business climate requires adequate risk assessment and management. It is important that a project should have professional risk advice for a project such that attendant risks can be mitigated and managed. 

Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing

We offer a number of GIS Analysis and Remote Sensing Consultancies. The Nigeria Society would benefit from structured solutions and remote sensing. At the moment more awareness has been created in these areas, it is yet to be adopted as a planning and developmental tool. We provide organizational advisory services for GIS development and also provide supervisory services during execution stages.

Environmental Management

The Management of the environment has become a very critical component of today’s activities. Man’s activities tend to in different manners despoil the earth leaving it in a state that makes sustainable development impossible. Xploits Consulting Ltd can assist organizations that have developmental projects meet with regulatory standards of Environmental Protection Agencies in the different geopolitical zones in the country by conducting Environmental Impact Assessment and other audits. Xploits has professional resources with over 25 years combined experience in different environmental management fields to ensure that quality impact surveys are conducted and reported. 

Geotechnical Investigations

Xploits Consulting Ltd provides Geotechnical Investigation services for Infrastructure Development and Constructions and Building Projects.

Waste Management

We provide our clients with the technical and administrative arrangement of waste (solid or liquid) management, including advice on waste minimization disposal, identification, characterization and quantification.

Oil Spill Cleaning and Oil Spill Contingency Planning

We have a host of consultants and tools to handle, clean any type of oil spill in the oil and gas sector. We also provide services in the environmental aspect of oil spill response and contingency planning. In preparing an OSCP, we incorporate the Identification of activities that might trigger the spillage of oil during use or installation, Provision of an assessment of the risk of spills and Identification of the capability of the operator to deal with spillage. Each OSCP we prepare clearly outlines the initial procedures to be followed upon discovery of an oil spill as well as how the response to the spill should be managed both onshore and offshore

Erosion Control

Erosion Control is fundamental for the protection of water quality, soil stabilization and erosion control practices are needed and should be used in areas where soil is exposed and natural vegetation is inadequate. We provide requisite solutions in required areas of the Nigerian Landscape as required. Xploits Consultants has earth scientists and engineers who can implement and offer invaluable sustainable solutions. 

ICT Services

Consultancy Services on Information Communication Technology, ISP, ICT Project Management Services, Procurement and Installation of Systems, Networking, Upgrading and Server Management Services, Website Hosting Services, Software Development and Programming Services.

Surveying Services

Xploits provides land and bathymetric surveying services to clients as required. Our consultants have capabilities to conduct surveys on land and in water.

Manufacturer Representatives and General Vending Services

We also represent several manufacturers in Nigeria and International especially in ICT, General Goods and Services in marketing and vending of their products.

Our long-term vision is to position ourselves as a firm that provides a worldwide range of products and services to customers and clients.